Poncho After Surf Rider Foundation

SURF RIDER FOUNDATION is an association that fights pollution of beaches and the ocean. The meeting of SURF RIDER FOUNDATION and AFTER gave birth to a unique model, representing the beauty of the ocean and the beach in its purest and wildest state.

Practical, comfortable and aesthetic AFTER SURF PONCHOS are the first to combine style and technicality.

Made of cotton and polyester, AFTER SURF PONCHOS are very absorbent, its material dries quickly and its folding is compact. The ponchos are equipped with openings on the sides to be able to change you more easily.

Whether to change, dry or warm your AFTER SURF PONCHOS is the essential accessory for all your surfing, wakesurfing, kite or any other aquatic and nautical sport!

- Terry fabrics
- Large hood
- Large sleeves
- Absorbent material
- Chest pocket
- Openings on the side
- Original print

Polyester (50%)
Cotton (50%)

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