Black Revolt Sword Surf wakesurf board

The Black Revolt SWORD "Surf style" wakesurf board is an awesome weapon that will crush all your enemies.

This BLACK REVOLT is the best wakesurf board handmade.
Every BLACK REVOLT boards are constructed with the highest quality premium epoxies, fabrics and blanks foam.

The shapes are all designed with 3D/CAD software and cut with a CNC machine to assure that all boards are cut with precisions.
The boards are all made with premium PU or EPS foam blank with stringers, laminated  with multiple layers of polyester resin or epoxy resin, S-glass and E-glass.

All boards are handmade in France by our shaper in his workshop.
Several options are available including the size of the board, numbers of fins and its color.

All Sword Wakesurf Boards are delivred with AGENDA SURF full traction pads and FUTURE fins.

Made in France

900,00 € tax incl.
tax incl.