Welcome to Wakesurf Shop.com !

The online store for wakesurfing enthusiasts. We are based in Annecy, the Wake Surf mecca in France.

You can find on the site, wakesurf boards, accessories and of course what to dress the riders. Please get in touch if you are looking for a board, accessories or wear in particular, we will do our best to find the object of your dreams .... Trust the only real specialist of Wakesurfing in France and Europe ... At Wakesurf Shop we created the French Wakesurf Association  and the famous "King of the Lake European wakesurfing Cup", "SURF THE LAKE" and "EUROPEAN WAKESURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS" events and we practice wakesurf for 14 years now. When we recommend a board, we know what we're talking about !

Free delivery on Annecy and Geneva area, please get in touch before order !